Spring Essentials: Kid’s Edition

I love to share things…hence the blog. I love meeting new people…hence the blog. I love teaming with others to share things…hence the blog.  So today, and in the next few weeks to come, I’ll be bringing you my Spring Essentials along with two other precious local bloggers! I had this idea…pitched it to them and they so sweetly agreed to team up. We met up at the mosquito infested garden and arts center for a quick little photo shoot with our kiddos and it turned out so precious! Bailey’s daughter is in my daughter’s class at school and I met Cassie through the blogging world. This was our first time to meet in person and it certainly won’t be our last.

As moms we all do things differently. We all have different products we like. Different ways to entertain our kids. Different ways to do life in general and I think that needs to be brought to our attention more often. It’s ok to parent differently and like different things! This week we are focusing on essentials for our kids. I’ll link Bailey and Cassie’s blogs below so you can go check out their favorites.

1. Shoes! It’s all about the shoes…and I like easy to clean shoes when it comes to kids! These jelly sandals from Old Navy are my favorite for the girls. One, they smell good. Two, they clean up beautifully so they can be muddy one second and ready for church the next. Three, they go with everything! Four, they’re super affordable.

2. Native shoes for boys. Hutch just got these for his birthday and I absolutely love them! They have such a fun look and style to them and are just as easy to clean as the girls Jellies. 

3. Good quality sunscreen. All three of my kiddos have super sensitive skin when it comes to sunscreen. Something in all the name brand baby lotions irritates their skin terribly. They tell me the spray sunscreen burns their skin the second I start spraying. So, I’ve had to go higher quality and its worth it! I’ve found a couple that work wonderfully for them. Babyganics is one of my favorites. Bare republic also has a great one that smells divine.

4. Summer dresses for the girls. My girls love dresses. They keep them cool. They’re easy to play in. And there’s no fussing when it’s time to get dressed. *And all the mamas said AMEN!*  Old Navy is one of my favorite places to get clothes for the girls. Their sales are everything and their kids clothes are actually cute…not cheesy! Ellie’s flower dress is from last year but I’m loving this one. Both of the girls have these tutu dresses in different colors. How about that bubble karate kick?? See, easy to play in.

5. The great outdoors. You can’t buy this and you have all the options in the world for entertaining kids. Their little imaginations can go so far with a few supplies and toys. Add some friends to the mix and you’re good to go! Add the arboretum with all the pretty flowers and trails and watch their little imaginations soar. I love disconnecting from TV and media. Getting outside is the best way to do that.

Don’t forget to head over to Bailey and Cassie’s blogs by clicking their pictures below! They’ve also got some essentials you’ll want to check out. Be sure to come back next week for another set of Spring Essentials: Beauty Product Edition!


Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble. 1 Peter 3:8


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