Spring Essentials: Beauty Products

So, I’m kind of becoming a closet beauty guru. I love trying new products and finding new brands. I like it when my favorite products aren’t “main stream” items that everyone uses. It’s fun to go against the grain and use something because it actually works and not because everyone else is using it.

Spring and Summer make me want to simplify my beauty routine. I don’t like a lot of makeup melting into my face. I don’t want to bake in the sun. I just want good, clean, hydrated and healthy looking skin! I’ve recently seen a great improvement in my skin thanks to some of my beauty favorites that I mentioned in this post here. Well, here are a few more products that I now love and use daily…or almost daily.

A good tanning lotion…or foam in this case. I’m done baking in the sun these days. I’m trying to reverse the damage I did as a kid/teenager/young adult. So I was on the hunt for the perfect self tanning solution. I got a sample of St. Tropez a few years ago and loved it. After buying a different brand that made me look green/grey, I decided to spend a little more $$ for something I knew worked well. St. Tropez has a variety of different types of tanning lotion but I went with this one after reading lots of reviews. You can customize it to your liking by rinsing if off after 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, or 3 hours for a dark tan. It comes out looking really natural in my opinion and at $40 a bottle it will save you some $$ if you get spray tans regularly or tan in a bed. 

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Even though I’m not out in the sun as much I still want a good SPF to protect my skin when I do get out. You all know I love my Paula’s choice products. My everyday moisturizer from them is also loaded with SPF 50. It has a light sunscreen scent which I secretly love. The smell of sunscreen makes me a happy person. My makeup goes on perfectly over it without making my skin look greasy…even though I have naturally oily skin. Paula’s Choice also has a variety of sun protection to fit your skin needs

Paula’s Choice Sunscreen

Another sunscreen I like is the Bare Republic tinted sunscreen. It’s one I use if I’m not going to be putting makeup on. It has a fun fluffy texture that is tinted but doesn’t really add any color to your skin.  It leaves your face looking and feeling soft due to its “silicone” texture. And the smell…it’s a heavenly coconut dream. This is also the brand I prefer to put on my kiddos. I noticed they have it at TJ Maxx right now for much less than the Target price!

Bare Republic Mineral Sunscreen

So, off the shoulder tops are pretty hot right now. I also have a few tanks that scoop in the back. I want my back to look as good as possible without the annoying blemish that can happen every now and then. Go figure, this Paula’s Choice spray is wonderful. If you suffer with body acne, you need this spray! I don’t have a huge issue with “back-ne” but I’ve noticed since using this spray my back has a much softer texture. I also found this back exfoliating loofah that I love! It has handles so you can scrub your back without missing a spot…and it feels fantastic. Paula’s Choice Body Spray

Exfoliating Back Loofah

When it comes to makeup I want whatever I put on to stay for a good amount of time. I love a good setting spray. I got this one in my April Bless Box and have really enjoyed it. It’s really hydrating so you could use it before you put on any makeup and then afterwards to lock it all into place. So far I feel like it does a great job! Did I mention it smells divine? I also swear by this Urban Decay setting spray.

Kopari Coconut Rose Toner

I want my face makeup to last so naturally I want my eye makeup to last as well. I love this Urban Decay eye shadow primer. It makes my shadow go on smoothly and last all day…and it’s anti aging. Who knows if its actually doing any anti aging work but I’ll take it. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

Last but not least we have my favorite spray to get that natural beach wave. I only use this on day 2 or 3 when my hair is still holding a loose curl from day 1. It is exactly what it says it is…beach in a bottle. On a windy day you better be careful; get a mouth full of hair and you’ll get a taste of the salty beach. All I do is spray it all over but mainly focusing on the mid to lower part of my hair. Once I’ve sprayed it I run my fingers through my hair and “scrunch” it a little to encourage some wave. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard or crunchy but gives it a nice texture throughout the day.

Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Spray

So there you have it! What are some of your favorite Spring/Summertime essentials? Be sure to check out Bailey and Cassie’s essentials by clicking their pictures below!

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  • I think Matt ordered me the self-tanner! Is the larger size for one application or will I get several uses out of it? *Also, I too love the sunscreen smell because...Summer!
    • Woo hoo!! I just did a "tanning session" this morning 😜 You will get a ton of uses from the large bottle. I use maybe 2-3 pumps on each section I do. I break it up by lower and upper leg, tummy and back, and arms/neck. Then I take what's left on my mitt and go around the border of my face and jaw bone to make sure it blends well with my neck.